The Minnow, a Sailing Catamaran



Hawaii - Midway - Attu - Alaska - 2008

Photos from Florida to Hawaii - 2007

Transatlantic Photos -- ARC - 2005

What kind of boat is this?

  • The Minnow is a Catana 522 Ocean Class, hull number 11.
  •  It's 52 feet long, not counting the 4-feet or so of bowsprit. (The bowsprit is the pole sticking out the front of the boat used for jousting.)
  • The top of the mast is about 79 feet above the water.
  • The boat weighs about 40,000 lbs, a bit heavy for a boat trailer.
  • It is 28 feet wide, a little wide for most roads.
  • The draft is 4'5" with the daggerboards up.
  • We have the big mainsail in back and two sails in front. In addition, there are three different-sized spinnakers. You generally use the main sail and one sail at a time in front.
  • There are two 78 hp Volvo diesel engines.
  • The boat goes about 10 knots using the motors, and from 0 to 15 knots under sail. You can actually get a lot faster than that in a hurricane.
  • The diesel tank holds 264 gallons.
  • The freshwater tanks hold 211 gallons.
  • There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in the hulls, and a living area between the hulls. It's all air conditioned and heated, but the heater only works in warm water.
  • There is a 10kw generator and 6 110w solar panels. We also have a windmill generator stored away.
  • The boat has a marine radio, an HF radio, fish finder, radar, satphone, TV/DVD/Stereo, autopilot, GPS, three chart plotters, a camera at the top of the mast, 5 wind displays, a radio modem, and other various and sundry instruments and displays.
  • There's a stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.
  • We have a 12-foot dinghy, a 15hp outboard, and two sea kayaks.


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